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A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortener is a short website name which is used to reduce the length of your URL link The purpose of this reducing the size of the web page address into something which is easy to remember and can be tracked easily. You can find number of URL shorteners on search engines today, including some popular brands like, Goog.le and The URL shortener which is being used is any activity will suppose to maintain the connection link between the new short link and the original URL. This means who ever clicks the short new link will automatically be redirected to the original landing page.
Reason of invention of URL shortener tool
When social media emerged to be a vast platform for marketing, lengthy long URLs started to become a challenge. Originally, Twitter messages has limits to a maximum of 140 characters, with all combination and counting each character of a link, resulting a challenge to a lengthy URL which is taking up your entire tweet. Thus, URL shortener emerged as a great solution to this type of character limitation problem.
The Origination of URL shorteners
Content has proved to be a critical event to any of the marketing strategy. For promoting, and to share any content, this has to be done using right URLs. A URL shortener always ensures that the message or the content you are sending to look great to your audience without consuming too much of space in your social media posts. However, it’s really important to make it sure that the short links you are using for your branding or redirection should not harm your reputation. Although URL shortener tools are very useful, as they hide the original content of your url destination link, making customers more suspicious.
How do you find best URL shorteners?
One can search for plenty of URL shortener tools available today. Some popular sites, even handle data and analytics to url shorteners and also track the links in various transformations and others simply convert the lengthy url to reduce the link size. Its simple to choose the URL shortener you fix to use to shorten your url, simply enter your longtail URL into the content box and click the button to create shortener.


Let you measure the traffic to your site, identify your target audience and keep control of your hyperlinks. The ability to monitor clicks, referrals and other metrics can give you important insights into your customers and how they behave. The data can be utilized to optimize your marketing strategies and improve your marketing campaigns.

Provide targeted shortening on the basis of the platform, country, or the language. This lets marketers create targeted links for particular audiences and monitor the effectiveness of these links in real time.
You can target your audience with trackers to the hyperlinks. The tracking pixels are also referred to as web beacons or pixels are tiny pictures that can be embedded within emails or on a website to track the users behaviour.
A customized link shortener could even let you track the share activities and behaviour on your Facebook posts for a certain time.
The ability to shorten your URLs can help your links appear more sleek and tidy. Sometimes its the shortest things that we like.
When selecting when choosing a URL shortener, look for one that is secure for sharing links. We have compiled a list of shorteners for links which protect your URLs.
Save all of your hyperlinks and stats to CSV format. US1 provides easy and self-service solutions for exporting massive amounts of links.

Link management

A complete link management platform that lets you label track and share links that are shorter links.Allow users to personalize the URL to include their own logo or domain.

Share, shorten, and export your URLs with our extensive collection of features. Customize every URL that is short to boost CTR.
Us1 provides a dashboard, or interface for managing multiple links, monitor clicks and analyse the performance.
Domains URL Shortener helps longer links appear better and more easy to share! Create your own custom Domains to make your brand more unique!


Get to know your audience with our detailed statistics and better understand the performance of your links, while also being GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant.

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Easily integrates with your favorite retargeting platforms.

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